About Capsa

We have built Capsa to create access to competitive financing for small businesses in Africa. These businesses have traditionally been constrained by limited access to growth and working capital, and in other instances, exploitative rates from lenders due to their perceived high risk.

Capsa is addressing this age-long challenge via an exciting digital invoice financing marketplace that de-risk lending to SMEs by leveraging the credit profile of the large corporates these small businesses provide goods/services to.
This approach eliminates all the bottlenecks associated with the traditional invoice financing solutions currently available.

Benefits of Capsa

  • Improved Cash Flows: Capsa helps you access your working capital in time by selling your invoice

  • Competitive Price: Capsa allows you  access to multiple financiers in one place, thus ensuring you get the best rates for your invoice

  • Reduced Financing Cost: get as low as 1.25% per month by leveraging your Anchor’s credit profile

  • Flexible Payment Terms: Capsa enables you to easily extend your payable days to conserve more cash in-house with no adverse effect on your suppliers

  • Enhanced Procurement: Empowering your sellers to receive quick payments enables you to get better procurement terms from your suppliers

  • Streamlined Vendor Payments: Capsa assist you to settles all your vendor payment transactions seamlessly. Eliminates the need to manage multiple vendor payments

  • Low Default Risk: Corporates on Capsa have high credit ratings with a very low risk of default plus option to insure your risk if you want

  • Short Term Investment Opportunity: Bouquet of short term investments ranging from 30 days to 360 days which supports your portfolio diversification goals/objective

Address: 7th floor Mulliner Towers,
39 Alfred Rewane Rd, 101233, Lagos
P. No. 0704-627-2950